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sylvia's lovers

I finished Sylvia's Lovers yesterday. Interesting story! It did /not/ go the way I thought it would. It starts out with this formula: Two guys love a girl, the girl loves Guy #1. Guy #1 goes off somewhere and everyone thinks he died. After a while Guy #2 marries girl. Oh wait.. Guy #1 isn't dead. And even worse, Guy #2 knew it. And Guy #1 knew Guy #2 knew it. Haha, got that? Girl is ticked at Guy #2. So /I/ thought Guy #2 would conveniently die somehow and that the girl and Guy #1 would get together. But no! Guy #1, shortly after this disappointment... marries someone else! Oh. Well then. And so on to a not very happy ending. I was like, this should have been something Thomas Hardy came up with! Except.. it would have had something weirder going on.

So now.. I've started the first Harry Potter book. We'll see what I think! So far I like it. I don't really know what the story actually is, for all the previews for movies I've seen.. So this'll be interesting! Despite the fact that it's much simpler writing than I'm used to, I do find myself being sucked in. Whether it's all the hype makes it out to be remains to be seen. :P

Aside from books.. Today we moved the major furniture to the townhouse, and the beds arrived. All that's left is some small stuff and my desktop computer. :o We've decided to make the move on Tuesday, the day before orientation starts. I'm getting excited now. It's finally coming up!


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Aug. 18th, 2007 02:26 am (UTC)
So now.. I've started the first Harry Potter book.

I haven't read Harry Potter since the first few books came out, so I don't remember a lot... I remember it being a relatively fun, easy read though. It's simpler writing for sure, but then again, it is written primarily for children and young adults.

As for the hype, ya got me there. I got SO SICK of "harry potter this, harry potter that" all over the place. They're good books, but they're not superior books, and even within the children's fantasy genre I think you can find stories with more complexity (Pullman's Golden Compass, for one).

But then again, the HP phenomenon has made a whole generation of kids interested in reading, who might not otherwise have been setting foot inside bookshops and libraries. It has similarly inspired people that writing can be successful and rewarding... As an advocate of books in a generation that worships TV, I can't argue with that.
Aug. 18th, 2007 03:31 am (UTC)
My friend Simon has read the books and tells me the books get more focused toward an older audience as it goes on.. like the series grows up with the audience, I suppose. So I'm willing to give it a good shot and not stop after the first book because of simple writing! Especially since.. simple versus complex writing is not the beginning and the end of good literature!

I know what you mean about making kids read! That almost makes me forgive the the Gossip Girl and the Clique series for girls. They're absolute crap, but it makes those kinds of girls read! Haha.
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